Date: October, 1996 & April, 1997
Title: Dental Implants For The General Practitioner- How to incorporate dental implants into their every day treatment planning.
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: January & May, 1997
Title: Surgical and Prosthetic Training Program in the Dentsply / Paragon Implant System
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: May, 1997
Title: Implant Dentistry Utilizing Procera Technology
Locations: Tel Aviv University

Date: September, 1997
Title: Abstract Presentation at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry Annual Meeting
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Date: Autumn, 1997
Title: Prosthetic Training Programs in the Nobel Biocare Implant System
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: December, 1997
Title: Treatment Planning with Implants as the Primary Option.
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Date: February, 1998
Title: Prosthetic Training Program in the Paragon System
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia.

Date: March 1, 1998
Title: International Implant Symposium “Focus On The Future”
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: March, 1998
Title: Lecture on Treatment Planning for Implants and Case Presentations
Location: Washington, D.C.

Date: March, 1998
Title: Implant Training Program in the Paragon Implant system
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: May, 1998
Title: Single Tooth and Single Implant Restorative Options.
Location: Tel Aviv University Dental School

Date: June, 1998
Title: The Evolution of the Procera Crown Revolutionizes Restorative Dentistry.
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: June, 1998
Title: How To Simplify Implant Treatment Planning.
Location: Dental Services Group, Toronto, Ontario

Date: June, 1998
Title: Simply In Practice Utilizing the Nobel Biocare System
Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Date: September, 1998
Title: Integrating Intra-Oral Cameras with a Chairside Computer in the Dental Operatory
Location:  PPC Microsmith, Burlington, Ontario

Date: Autumn, 1998
Title: Organized and taught Prosthetic training programs in the Nobel Biocare Implant System
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: Spring, 1999
Title: Multiple Evening Presentations on the Many Usages of the Procera Technology
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: 1999
Title: Prosthetic Training programs for Nobel Biocare
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: November, 1999
Title: Treatment Planning Seminar
Location:DSG Lab, Implant Study Club., Toronto, Ontario