Testimonials and Comments

Nobby from Hamilton….

“It now has been over a year since I had 4 Implants put in my lower jaw. I feel the need to tell you how I feel about them today. There are very few days that go by that I don’t think how wonderful it is to have teeth that are as close to natural as can be. It took quite some time for me to stop trying to take them out at night like I would my partial plates. Also, when eating, it makes me think back to when my partials used to come loose and clogged with food. The initial cost seemed like a lot of money to lay out for what I considered cosmetic, not realizing the benefits of your improved quality of life. Also not knowing what kind of pain involved in the procedure was something that was a concern to me. If I had to do it over again, I would jump a the the chance to better my quality of life. I want to thank you and your staff for being so personable, friendly and very helpful at making the procedure a great experience. There must be a lot of people out there that think about you whenever they realize how great it is to have a normal set of teeth. I wish you, your family and your staff all the best.”

Henry Cooper from The Maritimes….

I decided to get implants almost 10 years ago, even though the thought terrified me. I met with and spoke to a lot of implant dentists and I wasn’t sure until I found Ira. After speaking with Ira I knew he would be best. I was convinced I was in good hands and had the confidence in his ability to a great job. I was right! My teeth feel amazing. I never felt the titanium implants being drilled into my jaw bone. I was awake during the procedure so I know they are there. It has been six months and the implants feel like my own teeth. I have a few friends that didn’t take my advice about Ira and most have had problems with infections. Ira knows exactly what he’s doing and is a perfectionist, just let him do what he thinks is best for you. In my opinion he is the best!

Ana from Toronto….

“I’m so lucky and happy to have found Dr. Ira. As soon as I saw him on TV describing his cosmetic dental work, I knew that he feels passion for what he does. For my diastema; his expertise with dental bonding, excellent ability using the most up to date technology, and his great creativity, were the key for recommending me a solution that none of the other dentists had thought about. My family and I are delighted with the results and the high quality work he did for me. I have confidence in Dr. Ira and appreciate that he takes the time to explain the proposed options and answer questions. I certainly feel more confident about myself and smile a lot more!. I’ll be always grateful to Dr. Ira for that ! I also like that he works with his son Michael who follows a very interesting holistic approach and they both complement each other. Dr. Ira and his team are very welcoming, approachable, and give importance to the environment by using equipment such as digital Xrays that are much less invasive than regular ones. This is definitively the right place!”

Dr. Howard Phillips….

“Dr. Schecter has a comprehensive perspective spanning both the restorative and surgical aspects of Implant Dentistry. It is very evident in his presentations that he enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge and experiences. I learn something from Dr. Schecter every time I hear him speak.”

Dr. Mark Lackorzynski….

“He pumps pure adrenaline to revitalize your practice. His mentor program not only gave me confidence to place implants, but also change the way I practice. What I value the most is the opportunity to be able to have hands on experience. Can it get any better.”

John Cox….
General Manager
Noble Biocare Canada

“I want to express my total confidence in Dr. Ira Schecter as a qualified dental instructor and great clinical teacher on Implant Dentistry and Esthetic Dental Solutions. I have known Ira for over 10 years and have been privileged to attend and participate in some of his programs. Ira is a seasoned General Dentist that has the experience, clinical skills and excellent attitude to teach other dentists how to incorporate dental implants into their practices. I have heard from many attendees of his courses on how much they learned and enjoyed Ira’s program. I would highly recommend Ira to provide his clinical and didactic programs to any quality organization.”

Dr. Daniel Sun….

“Surgical Implant Dentistry has always carried with it an aura of mystery. You have demystified Implant Dentistry for me. Your clear and concise presentation makes dental implants seem so much easier! Thank you for you willingness to teach and share.”

Dr. Douglas T. Hanson, Toronto, Ontario….

“Thank you for the wonderful experience your style and personality really creates an envioronment conducive to quality learning. I can really relate and identify with your humble approach, I believe all of the greatest leaders and mentors exhibit this type of quiet, comfortable, humble approach while pursuing their vision. I can tell you I am very pumped and I am definatly in. I most certainly intend to deliver this to my client base, I knew I would love the technical aspect of it and put off the learning for a while as I have concentrated on implementing the systems required to integrate a Lifetime strategy for oral health for my client base now of course implant surgery had become a missing piece of the puzzle. Thank you.”

Dr. Nar Daljeet, Scarborough, Ontario….

“The implant seminar given by Dr. Ira Schecter was the best implant seminar for general dentists that I have attended. His course was clear, concise and as a result easy to follow. He is amiable and user friendly personality was a welcome surprise. He is an implant dentist for general dentists. I fully appreciate and thank him.”

Dr. Alex Bickerton, Sydney, Nova Scotia….

“Dr. Schecter presented his course from a G.P.’s perspective to try to take some of the mystique and fear out of implants-he succeeded! Ira is very approachable and really wants you to learn. Excellent!”

Dr. Barbara D. Shearer, Toronto, Ontario….

“Dr. Schecter was excellent! I appreciated his complete disclosure of clinical details. I enjoyed his discussion of his cases. His seminar was one of the most informative, relevant, and clinically detailed seminars I have ever attended. He has a true understanding of patient management in a GP practice.”

Dr. James B. Davis, Timmins, Ontario….

“Good common sense material to start off office service – Excellent”

Dr. Mark Fishman, Barrie, Ontario….

“Ira presented the information in a very clear concise format and was very patient to make sure we understood the various stages of implant placement.”

Dr. Theresa . D. Schellenberg, Mississauga, Ontario….

“The step by step procedures are now very clear to me;
-Thank you Dr. Schecter.”

Dr. Wesley L. C. Fournier, Lethbridge Alberta….

“Excellent course! Someone finally interested in demystifying implants.”

Dr. Sylvia King, Caledon, Ontario….

“The slides/pictures showed a wide variety of cases and gave me more ideas of uses.”

Dr. Valerie Fay Stavro, Toronto Ontario….

“Thank you Dr. Schecter for a very enthusiastic, practical and complete surgical and prosthetic presentation of implants for the General Practitioner.”

Dr. Michael Forman, Thornhill, Ontario….

“The seminar was very relevant and applicable to a GP perspective. Dr. Schecter has a real desire and enthusiasm to share knowledge. His comments and advice are genuine.”

Dr. Ricky Wah Kit See, Willowdale, Ontario….

“Dr. Schecter answered all of the questions to his best without any hold back. He did a great job in demystifying implantology!”